Weddings, Conferences & Functions

Eagle Falls can facilitate a variety of conferences and functions such as weddings, corporate team building, youth camps and adventure camps. We can customise any group function to suite your needs. Give us a call or drop us a mail to find out how we can make your group function a success or for more information on our wedding packages.

Holiday Camp:

Eagle Falls is accredited by Adventure Recreation Association.

Eagle Falls are offering Holiday Camps to Primary School children from the ages 10 to 13 years, who live in the city and do not regularly have the opportunity to experience the wonderful aspects and benefits of nature and the outdoors. We have 8 years experience of Leadership and Adventure Camps.

The Holiday Camp offers a traditional Camp Program which is not competitive, but rather focus on team based activities. We offer a fun-filled, educational program in a relaxed environment where children can break away from the city and have fun in the wild with their friends while taking part in fun activities in nature on a farm. The farm is safe and child-friendly. No child will under any circumstances be exposed to dangerous activities and there is 24 hour adult supervision over the children. The children will be transported in an equipped trailer or trekker on the farm. The children will be accommodated in tents and camping mattresses will be supplied. Children must bring their own sleeping bags, pillows and toiletries. The camp site has running water and flushing toilets as well as hot water and electricity. Children will receive full balanced meals every day and a snack will be supplied to each child every day after breakfast and lunch.

Parents are welcome to book into our Lodges and chalets for some rest and relaxation during the week of the Camp, while their children are enjoying and partaking in the Camp program activities. We will update the parents every day on the children’s activities, by e-mail or by sending a photo.

Please note that there are NO cell phone signal at Eagle Falls. No cell phones, radios, CD players or television sets are allowed at the Camp. Wi-Fi is available on site. It is also not recommended that valuables be brought to camp.

Parents of children attending camp are requested to bring their children to the Holiday Camp so that they can be assured of the conditions at the Camp, or the children can be picked up at an arranged meeting spot.


Included when renting our venue: Carriage with horses & coachman and Bridal couple accommodation for wedding night.